Sorry for the weird response format, on my phone and i can’t seem to figure it out properly…

First of all, thank you. This kind of discussion-in-the-comments is more than I could have hoped for and really just the greatest thing I could expect to come about by the article.

I agree in part with both of your comments, and it’s interesting to notice that I almost definitely do have an inherent bias being myself, someone who values independence (at least in an “independent-thinker” kind of way, not as sure relationship-wise). I personally love alone time often more than person to person interaction, not in an introverted way per se but more that I often find alone time as fulfilling or often much more fulfilling than social interaction.

That said, as to Wiering ‘s point, human interaction has been critical, and will obviously continue to be critical, to human development and wellbeing, more than ever now in a (seemingly) more divided world.

I guess my personal viewpoint (again, completely subjective) lies between the two points. Individualism is integral to creating a society with diverse opinions and ideas (you could argue that this is negative, sometimes). This diversity in turn influences innovation, yadda yadda.

Finding a balance between these two, I think, is behind the subject of a lot of major debates, in politics especially – perhaps the debate between communism and capitalism, but this is pretty far out of my realm of knowledge so I won’t pretend to fully know what I’m talking about with regards to the political stuff.

Anyways. thanks SO MUCH for the input, it really means a ton.


15 y old learning about machine learning, as well as a lifelong naturalist. Climate activist in Vancouver. Writer. Visit me @

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