Terry Winograd’s SHRDLU. CC-BY-SA-4.0

The Illusion of Intelligence

Early AI, Rule-based systems, SHRDLU, and rational agents, and my experience coding a simple blocks world

Rational Agents

Rule-based systems

Microworlds and SHRDLU

Even fifty years later, SHRDLU is still impressive to watch in action.
Person: What does the box contain?
Person: What is the pyramid supported by?
Computer: THE BOX.
Person: How many blocks are not in the box?
Computer: FOUR OF THEM.
Person: Is at least one of them narrower than the one which i told you to pick up?
Computer: YES, THE RED CUBE.
Person: Is it supported?
Computer: YES, BY THE TABLE.

Creating a Blocks World

Hint, this NLP program was just a regular expression that searched for ‘B’ or ‘A’ in the text.

15 y old learning about machine learning, as well as a lifelong naturalist. Climate activist in Vancouver. Writer. Visit me @ adamdhalla.com

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