You raise some fascinating points, and I wholeheartedly agree - Y.N Harari (and nearly all other evolutionary biologists/anthropologists/scientists), including me, notice that the main factor that has contributed to our success as a species has been our remarkable ability to collaborate and communicate.

I feel as though we should be searching for this common purpose, and I might actually add that to the article - unity is much needed in this world, especially now, or when fighting an existential threat like climate change or biodiversity loss.

But - What I was getting at is that we can find this unity within individualism, to find why nature matters to ourselves, and unite in protecting it each for our own spiritual, or purely logical (i.e, ecological value), ideas. I believe that we only will care about the environment (in a consistent and significant way) when we have found what it means for ourselves and experienced it firsthand- there is only so much you can get from reading a book or watching a documentary.

And on the self-resilient part, and again, I will detail this more on an edit of the article (I'll def credit you!), although unity is our biggest superpower, in a sense, the mental resilience of the individual nodes of our system (the individuals, the people) is declining as we become less self-reliant, more directionless, and, for many of us, vulnerable to mental health issues.

Although our strength in unity is important, our strength in unity is weakened if the individual "nodes" of the system themselves our weak, and if we look at it from a purely economical standpoint, can become a burden on our society. I feel as though promoting self-resilience (especially at a young age) and an ability be comfortable with facing one's insecurities and obstacles, can reduce anxiety and depression and help curb the mental health epidemic that we're currently in.

Thanks for adding value to the conversation, I appreciate it a lot - I'll add a few points to the article and will credit you for bringing those up.



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